Uliana Potrusaeva

Uliana Potrusaeva

she / her
London, United Kingdom


I have found a big concern in making pictures and compose compositions of dry flowers. That has brought me to have fancy for create art.
I went to art school at 12 years old with clear idea to learn drawing like “true artist”. I studied a basic graphic, painting, sculpture classes. Also, I have had a lesson where we discover composition rules of art and every week, we should draw composition on different subjects. Either I have studied a history of art where I found more interesting and inspirational things.
After graduating from art school, I continued to learn art in more solemn way. The next four years I studied at Art Collage and get a teacher education. After that 3 years of bachelor and couple years of magistracy in Moscow Pedagogical University, where I had great connections, collaborations, and practice with amazing artists who showed many new techniques, mediums, and technologies. I have worked in traditional graphic techniques like ink, charcoal, monotype. Also, I have discovered oil, watercolour, pastel painting, and a lot of time was spent to painting on textile, wood, and decorating of interior items. I worked few years as an art teacher and found this experience very useful and valuable for me - work in a team and set a big goals.
Last years I work as an independent artist. I make art commissions: most of it is portraits and reproduction of another pictures. However, most of all genres of art I prefer a landscape and portrait. These kind of make me most happies while creating process. The nature is my biggest inspiration and however it’s not matter for me if it’s a wild wood or an enormous city I will find some beauty there.
Today I either looking forward interesting projects and collaboration to achieve new mounts of my career. I would like to reveal my art for bigger audience and to touch and influence their souls and minds..to create more beauty, love, and peace.

Artist Statement

Portrait and landscape are two of my favourites genres.
In the portrait the key is connection with the people, and it's very important to know them better, understanding them to create lifelike portrait.
During the process I'm always trying to find an unique feature and personal beauty of each of them.
Quite often people think that landscape is all about nature, but for me, it could be not just a peaceful wood or country side landscape, but also busy streets of capital city, astonishing bridges or mind blowing skyscrapers.
I'm always exploring the world and looking for inspiration around me. All my artworks are result of this exploration.
I love drawing and painting and it's important to me switch between mediums and genres to stay on the top.
Oil and acrylic are my favourites for painting and I'm enjoing the diggerence of textures their create and the process itself.
Graphic mediums are loved by me because of precise and clear results you get. It also gives you a choice of mono or polychromos drawings, and the possibilities to combine it.
I love to combine these approaches and mediums together to get my personal unique style you can see in my main series of artworks.

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