Wayne Agnew

Wayne Agnew

he / him
Levittown, United States


Born in Philadelphia's Oxford Circle, I have been an artist since I can remember, working with clay and pencils until I received an airbrush at eleven, which opened the doors to exploring all different forms of art. After continuing my studies at Central High School, I attained a scholarship for graphic design at Philadelphia University and interned at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I have since worked for NASA, The Philadelphia Housing Authority, Painting with a Twist, and more.

The art i create is primarily about imagination and exploration, a brief glimpse of the ideas and images in my mind. Like many artists and explorers, the unknown is what draws me to art, to find something new, to create something never before seen in this world. The unreal is my subject, whether it exist in the uncharted reaches of space or some far-flung mythical fantasy realm. The characters I create face inhospitable terrains, unknown obstacles or insurmountable terrors, all following their unique story told through form and color.

Artist Statement

The goal of my Art is to reveal the thoughts, themes and ideas fabricated from my dreams and imagination. Using symbolism and surrealism to convey context and meaning, my paintings seek to explore the reality with which our minds reconstruct our experiences within our heads, hidden from others. Many of my subjects and inhabitants contain a duality or even more facets, and express moments, situations, people and places for the viewer to interpret themselves from their own unique perspectives. In this way my work seeks to connect to the audience through shared experiences and interpretations, and each can contain multiple meanings as a result of this ambivalence.This juxtaposition can offer new insight and ideas not readily apparent through initial observation.

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