yung wknd

yung wknd

he / him
Seattle, United States


yungwknd is an artist and smart contract connoisseur from Seattle, WA. His art ranges in style from generative on-chain abstract art, to performative blockchain art, to realistic drawings made with code. He’s passionate about telling stories and creating projects that can only be done using blockchain

yungwknd was first introduced to NFTs through @purphat, the handyman at ArtBlocks. After realizing that art could be created with code and outside of traditional mediums, yungwknd was hooked. However - due to the long artist application line, he decided to make his own ArtBlocks clone contract to release his art. This was his first project - Carbon Raindrops.

Ever since the spark was ignited with that first contract, yungwknd has gone on to do more large-edition generative projects as well as a number of 1/1 art pieces.

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